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1000+ representatives from 90 countries are ready to sell your real estate properties

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10,000+ small investors are ready to finance your real estate properties

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All types of real estate business

  • Transaction security and compliance for any jurisdictions
  • Proprietary model of tokenisation of both completed objects, as well as projects with an area of at least 1 sq.m.
  • Simultaneous usage of traditional ways of selling real estate and modern digital blockchain technologies
  • Working with fiat and digital currencies

Global Real Estate Market


Your project is completed and you need to sell individual units

Sell units
ball pileHow the GREM platform works
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    You register on GREM platform and fill in information about your property

  • percentage

    Specify the % of commission that you are ready to pay GREM for a successfully closed transaction for the sale of your units.

  • globe

    GREM publishes your property in its database and recommends cooperation to its representatives around the world.

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    professional brokers sell your properties in 90+ countries

  • credit card arrow

    After a successfully closed transaction, you shall pay % to GREM, which the company, in its turn, shares with the brokers of the system.

With GREM, you eliminate geographic, transactional and bureaucratic barriers.

Overall Work Automation

The leads that you receive from the system automatically get into the CRM system used by your Sales Department.

If you do not have your own CRM system, you can use the internal one provided by GREM.

The only thing left for your Sales Department is to process hot leads, keep a customer card, monitor statuses and close deals.

Get your first leads in 48 hours!

You have a project and need funding for its accomplishment

  • user pen

    You register on GREM platform and fill in information about your property

  • eye

    Your project is undergoing expert review for compliance with the internal parameters of the system.

  • file

    A smart contract is produced and then a certain number of tokens secured by square meters are emmited.

  • cube

    Tokens become available for sale.

  • dollar
    10 000+

    investors purchase tokens of your project. And you receive funds for its accomplishment.

ball pileHow the GREM platform works

Comparative Analysis

Bank loan

  • signHigh interest rates

    Over 2-3 years of project accomplishment, the total loan servicing cost can reach up to 30%.

  • signStrict Terms

    The bank may dictate the terms of the construction schedule, pledge and sales.

  • signTime frames

    Time-consuming registration process

Venture investment

  • signStrict requirements

    As a rule, venture capitalists invest only in high-yield projects with minimal risk.

  • signExit from the project

    The task of venture investors is the rapid turnover of their funds. They can exert pressure to exit the project more quickly.

  • signStake in the Project

    Loss of stake in project management


  • signInstability

    Crowdfunding campaigns can be successful or losing.

  • signLimited amount and region

    as a rule, crowdfunding is carried out within one country and limited to $2-5 million

  • signTime frames

    Conducting of a campaign takes a lot of time and requires specific knowledge.

GREM platform

  • signCompetitive commission

    GREM commission is up to 10% of the funding amount.

  • signSpeed

    It takes from 3 to 5 business days from the submission of an application to tokenisation.

  • signOpportunities

    Unlimited amount of fundraising

  • signFull project control

    You manage your project independently, including construction progress and sales.

It takes only 2 days to make a decision to finance your project.

What you get by joining the GREM platform

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  • benefits

    Make your real estate deals more transparent, versatile and quick due to modern GREM platform.

  • benefits

    Sell real estate and attract funding at any stage of the project readiness as soon as possible.

  • benefits

    Transform development projects and objects into tradable tokens that correspond to real assets.

Access to the functions of CRM system

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  • crm featureInteractive facade
  • crm featureProject-Specific Website
  • crm featureApplication Management
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Telman Abbasov.

The Ideologist and founder of the GREM platform.


More than 30 years of experience

in the international real estate market as a broker, appraiser, developer and investor.

Telman Abbasov.

The Ideologist and founder of the GREM platform.


Providing own vision and ideas aimed at improving and simplifying the global real estate business.

GREM and Telman Abbasov's cases.

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  • case itemFundraising
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Villa. 375 sq.m.

Protaras, Cyprus

The villa in Cyprus was sold on the platform with the help of our real estate expert. It took only 17 days from the moment of the seller's application to the conclusion of the deal.

Deal Amount
€ 830,000
Broker profit
€ 20,750

Apartments, 14 objects

Koh Samui, Thailand

Our customer built a complex consisting of several dozen apartments on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Our real estate experts were able to sell 14 properties during 3 months of work.

Deal Amount
€ 3,080,000
Broker profit
€ 46,400